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4 Common Swimming Pool Accidents and Corrective Measures To Prevent Them

A swimming pool is definitely a great place to relax and beat the scorching heat on a summer day. Whether it’s a local community pool or a public facility, swimming pools in general are easily accessible and visited frequently. However, they also pose a number of risks. As per the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), these hazards have already led to multiple life-threatening injuries and deaths.

It has often been observed that lack of supervision is one of the most common causes of accidents, especially when children are involved. If you or someone you love plans to have some good time at a pool, our veteran legal team at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger would like to remind you to ensure that safety be your first priority. It’s true that accidents are unavoidable but there are some injuries that can be prevented by adopting the appropriate safety measures.

In this post, we want readers to identify and understand the common types of swimming pool accidents and injuries:

Slips and Falls:

Slip and fall accidents may happen anywhere. However, swimming pools carry the risk of swimmers tripping on wet surfaces. Even when pool equipment is not stored adequately, this may increase the chances of accidents.

Corrective Measures:

Pool owners can minimize the possibility of mishaps by ensuring their pool areas are properly lit at night. Also, if there’s dampness somewhere, it’s advisable to warn guests and visitors beforehand.

Product Injuries:

Defective and malfunctioning products may cause serious injuries to swimmers. While some may lead to cuts and bruises, others may increase the risk of drowning. This is usually true in the case of pool cleaning equipment and other things that may constrict swimmers, thereby leading to entrapment and, in worst cases, drowning.

Corrective Measures:

It’s important to know that product manufacturers have a legal obligation to ensure their offerings are safe to use. If there’s any sign of a potential risk, it’s imperative to warn the customers.

Head Injuries:

Life-threatening head injuries may occur when swimmers jump head first into a pool. Apart from seeking medical assistance after such accidents, it’s equally essential to turn to reliable attorneys for help.

Corrective Measures:

Such deadly injuries can easily be prevented with proper warnings, including signs that show the depth of a pool.


As per Centers for Disease Control report, 3,536 people died due to drowning from 2005 to 2014. In swimming pools, children usually face the greatest risk of drowning.

Corrective Measures:

These risks increase due to lack of adequate supervision and safety equipment. Therefore, it’s always advisable to protect yourself and your family by never swimming alone. Even better, supervise your children when they are swimming.

It’s evident that swimming pool accidents are preventable and victims have the right to hold the party at-fault accountable for their losses including medical bills, pain and suffering, and loss of wages. Initially, determining the culpability in a premise liability case may appear simple. On the contrary, premises liability cases are complicated, necessitating one to work with proven attorneys.

The Birmingham premises liability attorneys at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger have years of experience in handling complicated premises liability cases. If you have a potential swimming pool accident case, our seasoned premises liability lawyers in Birmingham, Alabama are readily available to take your call. We bring to the table our years of experience and legal knowledge to procure maximum compensation for our clients.

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