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    Almost all personal injury attorneys claim to fight for and champion the rights of drivers as car accident victims. But accidents involving bicyclists and pedestrians are rarely talked about. The Birmingham injury attorneys at the law offices of Manley Traegar take up the cases of injured cyclists and pedestrians. Despite the benefits of cycling, riders have to face lots of problems on roads, which are so unsafe for them given the increasing number of accidents caused by distracted car and truck drivers. The Manley Traegar attorneys understand these challenges cyclists face on the road every day. bicycle accident attorney Birmingham

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    Why Should You Choose A Birmingham Bicycle Accident Attorney?

    If you have been involved in a bicycle accident, you would need appropriate representation from a competent Birmingham bicycle accident lawyer. The lawyers at the law firms of Manley Traeger have the reputation of successfully resolving bicycle accident cases and fetching appropriate compensation for the injured. Birmingham bicycle accident attorneys advocate for the safety of cyclists, commuters, racers, beginners, and advanced riders. Bike injury attorneys in Birmingham, Alabama are here to defend your interests in case you have met with an accident on the road. Connect with our bicycle accident attorney in Birmingham.

    If you have been involved in a bicycle collision with a driver, another cyclist or a pedestrian, you don’t want an inexperienced personal injury lawyer to take up your case, and you certainly don’t want an attorney who is not proficient in all kinds of accident laws. You need an experienced Birmingham injury attorney to represent you in your bicycle personal injury case. Many attorneys claim to focus on representing injured cyclists without being aware of your rights and responsibilities. To avoid them, call the law offices of Manley Traegar and get in touch with thorough professionals. Call our Birmingham bike accident lawyer.

    Most of the times, drivers claim that they didn’t notice the cyclist, but not noticing a cyclist who is there to be noticed is not an excuse to absolve them of the guilt of causing the accident. The driver remains liable to penalties irrespective of whether s/he saw the cyclist or not. Even if you did not collide with the vehicle, but you had to swerve your way out to avoid crashing into the driver who was speeding straight at you, the driver is still liable to pay the compensation. Hiring a seasoned bike injury attorney in Birmingham, Alabama, who is well-versed in cycling laws, is vital to building a strong case in your favor and maximizing the value of your recovery. Our bike accident attorney in Birmingham can help.

    Sometimes a bicycle accident is caused by something more than just an impatient driver. To go deep into the details of such tragedies and understand the reasons behind them, work closely with our Birmingham bicycle accident attorneys and pursue the solutions that are right for you. We will take the time to listen to your concerns and provide personal attention to your Birmingham bicycle accident lawsuit to achieve justice and fair results. Having served thousands of clients and secured millions in compensation, you can trust our Birmingham bicycle accident attorneys in Alabama and bid farewell to all your accident-related concerns. Look no further because we’re the right choice of Birmingham bicycle accident attorneys for you. Reach out to us today only to learn more about your Birmingham bicycle accident lawsuit. We’re just one call away!

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