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    Bridge Collisions May Lead To Severe Consequences

    Traffic congestions are a way of life in and around the city of Alabama. Though Alabama doesn’t have an increased population as Georgia, Florida, or Tennessee, there’s still a fair share of congested roads. Apart from traffic jams, a few more things that irritate drivers are instances wherein a tractor-trailer mistakenly enters a parkway or rams into a bridge. Such blunders could be easily prevented if a trucker drove on interstates and highways where bridge clearances are higher. Yet, hundreds of such accidents occur throughout the city.

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    Here Are Some Of The Causes Of Bridge Strikes

    Steps to follow after bridge collision

    If your truck strikes a bridge, it’s crucial to call the number on the identification plate of the bridge. However, if there’s no number, it’s imperative to report the matter to the police:

    If possible, the following information needs to be provided to law enforcement officers:

    The severity of being injured in a bridge collision is much higher than being wounded on a regular road. If you’re injured on a bridge, it’s vital to seek the help of trained and knowledgeable bridge collision attorneys.

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    Who Is Liable For The Collision?

    Determining the liability in a bridge collision is complicated. For instance, the driver could be untrained. There could be several other factors; for instance, the bridge height might have been posted incorrectly or a signage to caution the truck driver may have been missing. Hence, it’s important to seek the assistance of a trained lawyer who has comprehensive understanding of traffic rules and regulations. Only a thorough analysis of the case by a qualified professional can help determine the true liability.

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    The sheer size of a truck and the complexity of the case in question can be overwhelming. Our trained bridge collision attorneys at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger have years of experience and training in handling intricate trucking accident cases.

    Once we take up a case, we carry out the accident investigation that includes:

    Trucking accident victims usually suffer from serious emotional stress, physical injuries, and financial burdens. At the Law Offices of Manley Traeger, it’s our goal to help you receive maximum compensation.

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