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    People mostly use cars, buses, and other means of transport to commute every day, but none of these guarantees safety. One small slip-up could be fatal. A tragic accident can leave a victim’s family devastated for life. Be it getting to their destination fast or doing their bit to curb air pollution for the sake of others, more and more people prefer public transport over using their own personal automobiles.Despite the general safety features, school buses, intercity buses, and public rail systems are susceptible to accidents. Occupants of vehicles and pedestrians can become victims of sudden collisions. Birmingham bus accident attorneys at the law firms of Manley Traeger ensure that victims of such collisions don’t suffer in silence and instead, are recompensed for their pain and suffering, ongoing or future medical bills, or wrongful deaths.

    If you get injured in a public transport carrier such as a bus, light-rail, subway, or a school or intercity bus, you are entitled to seek compensation for your pain and suffering. While most public transportation vehicles and national bus companies have huge insurance and legal defense teams ready to defend the monetary interests of their companies, Birmingham bus accident lawyers are here to ensure that the victims get a fair deal. Since, insurance companies are more likely to offer a low-ball settlement, hiring a bus injury attorney in Birmingham in Alabama can make all the difference in getting the compensation you deserve.

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    Birmingham Injury Attorneys For Bus Accidents

    Bus accidents occur quite often on city streets and highways. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 300 deadly bus collisions occur annually. In bus accidents not amounting to fatalities, the chances of destruction to property and the cost of fatal injury and disability are incredibly high. If you have been injured or have lost a loved one in a bus accident, a compassionate and competent Birmingham injury attorney can help you sail through this difficult time. Contact the Birmingham bus accident attorney immediately to get veteran legal assistance.

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    Bus Accident Attorney Birmingham

    Why Do Bus Accidents Happen?

    Bus accidents can be difficult to litigate. There could be multiple causes ascertained for somebody’s fault, including reckless driving, poor weather conditions and visibility, dangerous roadways, defective bus equipment, improper bus maintenance and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    When an accident involves a bus, the consequences are pain and suffering, large medical bills, untold property damage and loss of income. When buses and commercial trucks collide, the weights of both vehicles and the speeds at the time of their crashing into each other not only damage the vehicles, but lead to serious injuries to their occupants, leading to permanent disabilities or even deaths.

    Things to Do After a Bus Accident

    A bus accident is an unexpected event and, undoubtedly, traumatic. But if you or any of your loved ones have suffered pain, loss of income and are feeling the burden of high medical bills, you are entitled to compensation. The experienced Birmingham bus accident attorneys at the law firm of Manley Traeger offer detailed legal counsel and representation. Schedule a free consultation now.

    While buses are one of the safest and pocket-friendly ways to travel, they can still leave victims in devastating accidents, resulting in tremendous injuries and wounds. In such cases, consult a professional Birmingham bus accident lawyer for legal guidance. Don’t hesitate to contact a Birmingham bus injury lawyer at The Law Offices of Manley Traeger for help. Whether the tragic incident left you with minor injuries or with permanent scars, our bus accident attorney in Birmingham will fight for your loved ones aggressively till you recover the money you need and the satisfaction you deserve. Those responsible for a bus accident must be held accountable for their negligence, and our Birmingham bus injury attorneys can achieve this. Contact our bus accident attorneys in Birmingham, al to get back on your feet. We’ll be happy to clear all your queries and look after your interests.

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