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Confused About the Steps To Follow After Police Brutality? Take a Look!

For many years, cities in the United States have struggled with police brutality. Well, the latter is a violation of civil rights and it may occur when a law enforcement officer uses an amount of force on a civilian that is more than necessary. Use of excessive force is a direct violation of the Fifth and Fourth Amendments of the US Constitution.

Forms of Police Brutality

One of the most common forms of police brutality is physical. Police officers may make use of pepper sprays, batons, and guns to physically intimidate and hurt civilians. However, this unwarranted phenomenon may also take other forms such as psychological intimidation, sexual abuse, police corruption, political repression, false arrests, racial profiling, and inadequate use of tasers. If you’ve become a victim of police brutality, you may have multiple questions running through your mind: Who is going to believe my word over that of a police officer? Is there any trusted way to make a fair recovery?

The truth is it may get difficult to be properly recompensed. Here are a few steps to follow after police brutality:

Step1: Seek Medical Help

As per the US Supreme Court, even people in police custody have the right to get reasonable medical care. In fact, denial of this may be tantamount to cruel and unusual punishment. If you’re hurt due to the use of excessive force, call 911 and ask for a doctor. For increased safety, make a note of the time, date of request, and name of the officer who you’ve made the request to.

If you are not in police custody, you should ideally get in touch with seasoned medical professionals without the slightest delay! It’s important to understand that to file a police brutality lawsuit, you need to substantiate the case with evidence. In fact, your medical record will be an important evidence to determine the severity of your injuries.

Step 2: Document everything:

As discussed in the above point, to build a strong case, it’s vital to have proof. Apart from medical records, it’s crucial to document the following:

  • Name and badge number of officer who hurt you
  • Name and badge number of officers who witnessed the incident
  • Date, time, and place of incident
  • Pictures of injuries

Step 3: Preserve all evidence:

With the increased use of CCTV cameras, video surveillance may have captured what happened to you. The recorded footage can turn out to be strong evidence in helping you file your case against the police.

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