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    Construction Site Injuries And Fatalities

    Construction site accidents are quite common, but most of the time, they are easily avoidable. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were around 774 deaths due to mishaps at construction sites, thereby resulting in 18 percent job fatalities.
    Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common types of construction site accidents:

    Falling objects: Construction site workers are often at the risk of being injured by objects falling from above. This mainly occurs because construction materials aren’t secured adequately. Even if a worker is wearing safety equipment, brain and spinal cord injuries may still occur.

    Heavy equipment: Heavy equipment on construction sites can turn out to be dangerous. For instance, a nail gun could misfire or a forklift could fail to work adequately. If you suffer from injuries due to an equipment failure, you can choose to discuss this with your attorney.

    Fires and explosions: Construction sites often have hazardous materials such as leaking pipes, flammable chemicals, and open wirings and these could lead to multiple accidents. In some instances, it could result in catastrophic fires and explosions.

    Slip and Falls: One of the most common types of construction site accidents is slips and falls. Construction site workers often run the risk of falling from cranes, roofs, ladders, and scaffoldings. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, you are entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim.

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    Ways To Prevent Construction Site Accidents

    Offer Safety Training:Ideally, all employees need to undergo training at regular intervals. In fact, your team needs to be well-aware of all the safety standards and hazards.

    Keep Your Site Clean:By keeping your site free of any debris, you can easily minimize the chances of injuries, slips, trips, and falls. Hiring an employee just to ensure that your site is clean may drastically reduce the risk of accidents.

    Install Fall Protection Systems:Slips and falls are one of the leading causes of fatalities. Installation of fall protection systems such as guardrails, canopy nets, and screens can reduce fall accidents.

    Check the Hazards and Make a Safety Plan:Even before work commences at a construction site, it’s important to inspect the complete site and identify the multiple hazards. Also, it’s vital to list the preventive measures to avert these hazards.

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    Types Of Injuries Caused Due To Construction Site Accidents

    How Our Birmingham Construction Site Accident Attorneys Can Help

    If you’ve been injured at a construction site, it’s in your interest to consult our experienced construction site accident attorneys in Birmingham at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger. Our legal representatives work with a core team of paralegals, clerks, and assistants to obtain compensation that will provide for your time away from work.
    Our Birmingham injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means that we do not charge any fee unless we win a monetary reward for you.
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