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    Defective Medical Device Lawsuits – The Manley Traeger Firm

    Medical devices are ideally created to help people who’ve suffered serious medical conditions. While these devices are expected to work flawlessly, inaccurate designs may result in major defects. Defective medical equipment such as implants, substandard surgical instruments, prosthetics, and pacemakers may lead to a product liability claim if the concerned patient gets injured or dies. If such an unfortunate incident occurs in your or your loved one’s case, it’s advisable to know everything about a defective medical device lawsuit.
    Here’s a quick guide on the different ways to file an injury claim after being injured by a defective medical device:

    Medical records: To begin with, it’s important to collect all the medical records. Make sure you include the reports of the diagnosis that caused your medical service provider to prescribe the medical device that harmed you. Also, you will have to validate your claim by providing an evidence of your injury such as health examinations.

    Packaging: As a patient, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a defective medical device. However, you may end up getting the packaging of the device that harmed you. If you have it, hold onto it.

    Defective device: Though chances are minimal that you could be provided with a defective device, you can still request your medical service provider that they let you keep the item. However, before doing anything with the medical device, it’s nice to seek the assistance of a qualified defective products attorney.

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    Common Challenges In Medical Device Lawsuits

    One of the most important challenges in any product liability claim is the product itself. If you believe that you’ve been injured due to a defective medical device, it’s important to maintain the device in the same condition as it was at the time when you were injured. For instance, if it’s an equipment that can be used externally, it’ll be an easy task. On the contrary, if the device is used internally, the procedure may turn out to be complicated. If this happens, chances will be high of you losing the opportunity to file a defective medical device lawsuit. This is mainly because when a physician removes a medical device, they don’t give the device back to the patient.

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    Why Seek The Assistance Of A Defective Medical Device Lawyer?

    If you’ve suffered serious medical injuries or a loved one of yours has suffered in the form of wrongful death due to a defective medical device, you are entitled to compensation for all the harm done to you. Defective medical devices fall under the product liability section. It’s important to understand that product liability claims are incredibly complex. Only an experienced attorney can assist you with all the aspects of your case such as collecting evidence and negotiating a potential settlement.

    Our Birmingham injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger represent clients on a contingency fee basis, which means that we do not charge any fees unless we help you receive a financial reward. The defective medical device attorneys in Birmingham have handled different kinds of claims. Once we take up your case, we will review your personal situation to make sure that you receive a fair recompense that you are eligible for.
    The legal representatives at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger are committed to helping you get justice. For any defective medical device injuries, it will be in your interest to seek legal counsel.

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