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    As per records, around 327 million people are the owners of 90 million dogs which means around 44% of the households in the US have a dog. Over the years, dog bite incidents have increased by 86% where now the number of dog bite cases estimates around 4.7 million approximately on an annual basis. Children and senior citizens are most vulnerable to severe consequences from dog bites where most victims are either hospitalized or require medical treatments like debridement, sutures, and skin grafts.

    If you have ever been a victim of a dog bite, then hiring a professional would be appropriate. A dog bite attorney in Birmingham AL from the Manley Traeger law firm plays a pivotal role in protecting the rights of a victim. Our lawyers are well-aware of the legal complications and can provide perfect assistance to the victims for rebuilding his life. They strive to fight against all odds to recover maximum claim on behalf of the victim.

    Birmingham Dog Bite Lawyers

    What Should I do After a Dog Bite Incident?

    There are a couple of steps that you must adhere to after getting bitten by a dog.

    Step 1: Get immediate medical assistance to understand the severity of the injury

    Step 2: Collect the names and contact details of the dog owner

    Step 3: Take pictures of the dog and all visible injuries as they would help you in the long run 

    Step 4: Gather additional details like the contact information of the eyewitnesses

    Step 5: File all the information and submit them to the animal control authorities 

    Step 6: Consult an experienced Birmingham dog bite lawyer for proper legal assistance

    Dog Bite Attorney Birmingham AL

    Liabilities of a Dog Bite

    The person who is commonly held responsible for a dog bite injury is the owner. However, it may vary under two exceptional scenarios –

    • Any sort of provocation of the dog from the victim’s end would be counted as his negligence and the total damages would be calculated accordingly.
    • An owner of the dog isn’t found responsible for a dog bite if there is a readable warning sign provided outside his property. 

    Damages Which Can Be Recovered Through a Claim

    If you or your loved one is a victim of dog bites, you are eligible to recover compensation for:

    • Medical expenditures 
    • Loss of income 
    • Physical pain and suffering
    • Emotional distress

    Most incidents of dog bites in the US are caused by the negligence of another party. Our dog bite attorneys in Birmingham AL have the necessary experience and resources to help victims scrutinize all factors and build a case that recovers an adequate amount for all the sufferings. We encourage the dog bite victims to contact us and book for a complimentary consultation with our senior attorneys. Our dog bite lawyers in Birmingham possess an incredible amount of legal knowledge and relevant experience to help you evaluate the damages to determine if your case is eligible as a personal injury lawsuit.

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    With decades of professional experience under their hat, our lawyers have gained justice and recovered handsome claim amount for several victims of dog bites injuries. We understand the urgency of accident situations and help our clients to gain a quick recovery. Our lawyers are compassionate and have unique tricks up their sleeves to deal with complex injury cases. Don’t wait any longer to avail of the services of a professional. Contact us today at (334) 259-3600 and schedule a FREE evaluation of your case from our Birmingham dog bite attorneys.

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