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    Escalators and elevators are mostly used in offices, commercial and residential buildings, malls etc. to reach various floors. More often than not, they are deemed safe but occasional defects and malfunctions can cause a serious injury to their users or operators. The competent Birmingham injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger are always organized and prepared to help the victims of escalator and elevator accidents seek justice and subsequent compensation.

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    Agents Of Escalator And Elevator Injuries

    Failing to keep a check on the maintenance of escalators and elevators is quite common amongst the owners and overseers of private and public buildings. In addition to poor maintenance, mechanical or electrical malfunctions, overcrowding, overloading, flaws in design, clothes or limbs getting caught between moving parts, the opening and closing of doors at the wrong time, and a complete elevator collapse are some of the most general grounds for mishaps. The unexpected speeding up or sudden stoppage of elevators causes users to get themselves banged against the wall or fall on the flooring, resulting in hurt and, at times, serious injuries. The Birmingham injury attorneys focus on fighting premise liability cases to safeguard an injured from financial distress by procuring adequate compensation.

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    Word Of Caution

    While the threat of hurt or injury in an escalator or an elevator accident is a possibility, certain preventive actions can minimize the risks involved. They are as follows:

    • Never try to force the door open. Instead, if the elevator stops abruptly, press the alarm button and wait.
    • In case of fire, avoid using elevators. Use stairs instead.
    • Keep an eye on small children while using an elevator or an escalator.
    • Do not prevent the doors from closing.
    • Move away from the entry or exit areas quickly and carefully.
    • Always hold the handrails.
    • Stand facing forward.
    • Carts, strollers, and walkers should not be used on escalators.
    • Be careful while stepping on and off an escalator.

    If an estate overseer, a building manager, an owner of a private or a public property, or the people responsible for maintenance fail to properly inspect the defects in an escalator or an elevator, they may be held accountable for the resultant mishap. Likewise, the designer or the constructor of an elevator or an escalator can also be held legally liable. The premise liability attorneys in Birmingham hold the people at fault liable in order to make them pay an appropriate recovery amount.

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    Elevator and escalator-related mishaps differ in nature. The competent Birmingham premises liability lawyers at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger are prepared to offer exceptional legal services. Call now and schedule a free consultation.