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    Fires and explosions due to gas pipeline leaks can be catastrophic in nature. Such devastating events are likely to alter lives forever. It should be noted that gas suppliers are not the same as gas pipeline owners. The natural gas supplied to commercial buildings, apartments, and houses, in certain cases, are done by companies that may not necessarily own the pipelines, and may just be responsible for supply or maintenance.

    Additionally, natural gas pipelines are susceptible to breaks and ruptures due to quarrying and digging for maintenance work. In case of a natural gas pipeline explosion, Birmingham premise liability lawyers can help you determine the accountability of either the owners of the pipelines, or those who may have constructed them or been instrumental in their maintenance and operation. Usually, multiple parties are at fault. The premise liability attorneys in Birmingham at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger are experienced in carrying out investigations and can help you with claims, litigations, and trials.

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    An experienced Birmingham Injury Attorney has the essential experience to solve cases pertaining to fires and explosions that occur in commercial buildings, private homes, apartments, and other public places on account of malfunctioning or faulty smoke alarms, gas lines leaks, imperfect appliances, and propane leakages among others. Gas fires and explosions can stem from the failure to abide by safety protocols and callous usage of equipment. The premise liability attorneys in Birmingham at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger have years of specialized to hold a guilty liable for the damages and bereavements happening on account of hazardous circumstances. The veteran Birmingham injury lawyers inspect cases on behalf of their victims and provide them with the experienced legal representation.

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