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Parents Role Models For Teenage Drivers

How Parents Can Become Good Role Models For Teenage Drivers?

It is common knowledge that young ones learn by watching their parents. They emulate their behavior, observe their actions and imbibe everything in their impressionable minds. Parent’s actions rub off on their children, making it necessary for them to be mindful and restrained in their actions. Driving behavior is one such aspect that children take on from their parents. New studies show that parents in the USA are setting a bad example for their wards when it comes to driving behavior. Leading Birmingham auto accident attorneys have analyzed a sharp increase in the number of auto accidents involving teenagers and attained startling insights about an acquired rash and irresponsible driving behavior.

One key way to mitigate such irresponsible attitudes and prevent further mishaps is for parents to be better role models for teenage drivers.

  • Drive Responsibly

Surveys across the United States show that the highest number of auto accidents involving teenagers occur during the first 100 days of summer. Many factors lie behind such a phenomenon, chief amongst them being late-night driving and drug abuse. Parents should instruct and warn their wards against driving under the influence, speeding, or driving late at night without supervision. They should warn teenagers against having a carefree and irresponsible attitude towards driving, emphasizing all the different kinds of risks and accidents that might occur.

Major auto and motorcycle accident attorneys in Birmingham cite Irresponsible and rash driving as one of the biggest causes of vehicle accidents and fatalities involving teenage drivers.

  • Manage Distracted Driving Problems

A major problem for teenage drivers is the incident of distracted driving. According to a survey conducted by established auto and motorcycle accident attorneys in Birmingham with Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) and Liberty Mutual Insurance, 55% of parents use their smartphone while driving, and a whopping 62% talk and text. What’s more, several individual survey sample data reveals that in many cases, it is the teenager who has to tell their parents to put away their phone while driving. Such blatantly irresponsible behavior sets an extremely bad example and has a high chance of being imitated by the child or children. The study further reveals that 50% of parents text their children, while their wards are driving and even expect them to reply immediately.

 Teenagers observe and learn the driving behavior of their parents. It, thus, becomes extremely important for parents to behave and act sensibly and responsibly for the sake of their children, besides just telling them what and what not to do. Actions always speak louder than words.

  • Observing & Correcting One’s Driving Behavior

Good driving action requires patience, common sense, and a collected mind. Parents should go on a drive with their teenage child behind the wheels. They should closely observe their driving behavior and guide or warn them accordingly. Active involvement and intervention can be an excellent way to influence teenage driving behavior significantly.

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