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Fell Over Ice And Snow And Hurt Yourself? Here's What To Do

People in Birmingham are well-aware of the fact that blizzards and ice-covered landscapes are a common sight and that property landlords and estate owners have to make their premises practically danger-free during winters by getting rid of the accumulated ice and snow. If property owners do not discharge these basic civil responsibilities, it can lead to slips and falls on snow and ice and cause subsequent injuries, which can be grave in nature. The seasoned and competent Birmingham injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger have facilitated the compensation claims of many victims. Birmingham injury lawyers boast of years of experience and perseverance toward establishing the liability of estate owners for injuries and the ensuing economic damages one suffers on their account.

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Effect Of Misfortunes

Snow-and-ice accidents are difficult to predict as their occurrences happen in multiple ways. An estate owner may remove snow from a connecting path or a roadway but they may also cause the gravity of an injury to escalate by exposing patches of ice underneath. The variations in temperature during daytime turn snow into water puddles, which again refreeze at night and become ice. This may cause accidents that are serious in nature. Depending upon the severity of a fall, you can suffer an injury to your head, ankle, knee, wrist, or leg. The injury could include severe sprain and strain, fracture, nerve damage, ruptured discs, torn ligaments, muscles, and tendons, or traumatic brain injury. Estate owners need to steadily execute their obligation of removing snow from stairs, ramps, walkways, entryways, parking lots, and all the areas that are open to the general public. Inside a building, landlords or property owners are accountable for getting a slippery floor treated and removing puddles. A slip up here can attract fines.

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Dealing With Tactics Of Insurance Company

Before filing a claim, it’s paramount to understand that insurance companies do not have your interests in mind. Alabama is one of the few states that practices the concept of ‘comparative negligence’ to determine whether a claimant has a case. If a victim is even partially responsible for an accident, they may not be entitled to compensation. Therefore, insurance company adjusters leave no stone unturned to make you believe that your settlement isn’t worth much.

Seeking the assistance of Birmingham car accident lawyers will help you understand the total ambit of the compensation you are eligible for.

Here are some of the factors that will be considered before determining the nature of your compensation:

Medical expenses: In the aftermath of a car collision, there could be expenditures related to rehabilitative services, hospital stay, prescriptive medications, home healthcare, and purchase of medical equipment.

Lost wages: When you get injured, you may be out of work for a prolonged period of time. For this reason, you will be entitled to get the income you miss out on.

Loss of love and companionship: If your injuries have robbed you of a close relationship, you will be allowed to demand recompense.

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How Our Attorneys Can Help

A collision affects you externally, and it also has an immense impact internally. For maximum reward, it’s nice to seek the assistance of a seasoned car accident attorney.

Here are some of the ways in which our car accident attorneys in Birmingham, Alabama at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger can help you recover your losses:

How Our Attorneys Can Help

The expenses you incur for car maintenance and medical treatment can’t be claimed completely. However, it’s always good to receive the maximum compensation possible. Our attorneys are immensely knowledgeable and proficient and they make an utmost effort to ensure that their clients get a proper reimbursement.

Represent Your Case On Your Behalf

In case of a severe injury, a victim is sometime unable to get in touch with the concerned insurance authority. Also, it becomes difficult to attend the settlement and trial procedures. However, before you seek the help of an attorney, it’s important to note down the details of the defendant. This helps one get the settlement at the base level. If there are witnesses, it’s good to have their contact details.

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Assist You In Recovering Financial Losses

It’s important to understand that insurance companies are given to making profits. Our attorneys have years of experience in handling complicated car insurance claims and can easily help you get compensated for your pain and suffering, medical costs, lost wages, and vehicle damage.

If anyone in your family has met with a car accident, it’s nice to seek the assistance of our seasoned car injury attorneys in Birmingham, Alabama. Our attorneys can always help you in getting maximum returns for all your damage and injuries.

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