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What can I do to maximize the value of my claim?

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    When you have been injured accidentally and unintentionally or through the deliberate and wrongful act of another, it is realistic to want to maximize the value of your injury claim. Recovering the optimum monetary amount is possible only when the injured person is diligent enough to pursue the injury claim process. While receiving settlement offers, clients often wonder whether their injuries are grave enough to entitle them to the expected claim amount after the injury lawsuit is filed. Some wonder why the compensation is lower than expected.

    Having decided to file a personal injury claim, you want to do everything you can to maximize your due sum Here are ways in which you can maximize the compensation claim in your personal injury case:

    Never acknowledge that it’s your fault for an accident and the injuries you have suffered. When you are at an accident scene, do not apologize even if you feel the urge to. Do not admit fault. Do not assign blame. Stick to the facts.

    Always follow your doctor’s advice. Seek medical attention after an accident. It is important that you follow your doctor’s medicine or exercise regimen for a speedy recovery. If you fail to do so, the insurance company may portray you as negligent and selectively omit sections necessitating your insurance claim, thus denying you your total due.

    Take timely action on a personal injury claim. There’s only a limited period after an accident until when you can file your personal injury claim for optimum results. The longer you take to seek a lawyer’s help in pursuing your claim, the weaker your case becomes.

    Resolve your case with an attorney’s help. Presenting a personal injury claim to an insurance company with the help of a lawyer ensures that your story is told as professionally as possible.

    Read your insurance policy thoroughly and make notes regarding deadlines, responsibilities and coverage amounts and limits.

    Keep a claim diary to maintain a detailed account of all conversations with insurance company representatives, their names, phone numbers, etc.

    Provide the insurance company with as many details as possible of how you were injured in the accident. Support your claims with photographs of vehicles, the road section where the crash took place, skid marks, guardrail damage or other relevant signs along with images of visible injuries of bruises or cuts.

    Talk to eyewitnesses and get their names and phone numbers before they leave the scene so that you could connect with them later. 

    Justify why the offer is inadequate. Crucial to getting the maximum compensation is convincing the other side you have a strong case. If you get an insufficient settlement offer, it is important that you explain why it’s unacceptable, backing up your arguments with proper documentation.

    Don’t forget future damages. Personal injuries can incur losses that not only impact your budget immediately, but also require tending to going into the future. You may not fully recover from your injuries while the trial is still on. Therefore, it becomes crucial to make considerations about future recovery when negotiating a settlement amount.

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