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    Recovering from a car accident can be painful and troublesome over long periods. Such a mishap takes its toll on you, both physically and emotionally. You are not only forced to discontinue working, thus losing on your current source of income, but also have costly medical bills and sundry other expenses to deal with all of a sudden.

    While you can recover compensation for injuries or damage suffered in a car accident, only a few people understand what sum of money is actually claimable and that amount goes beyond lost income and medical expenses. Consult with car accident attorneys at the law firms of Manley Traeger and discuss your legal claim and the forms of compensation available in your case. What you receive after an accident depends upon factors like the state you were found injured in, the vehicle involved and the role of the driver and passenger.

    Here are the types of damages you can recover after an accident:

    1. Property damage including your car and other personal property.
    2. Pain and suffering are unfortunate results of any serious accident, far more annoying and stressing than the mounting bills. Apart from the financial strain, you may be facing significant physical and emotional distress at the same time. This can be a reason for you to obtain compensation.
    3. Lost income is another key factor. Your inability to work due to injury can be a strong reason for you to receive compensation for missed remuneration opportunities. You can also be compensated for the loss of employee benefits.
    4. Punitive damages are not intended for seeking compensation, but aimed at discouraging behavior in others that might lead to more people being injured.
    5. While treatment for severe injuries obviously implies hefty medical expenses, most bills are usually reimbursable.
    6. Consortium, legally speaking, means the right of one spouse to the companionship and of sexual relations with one’s partner. The loss of consortium or loss of physical intimacy that you have suffered may be compensated as the result of your injury.
    7. Loss of enjoyment means you are no longer able to perform activities you once enjoyed. This is also claimable.

    Apart from the aforesaid factors, there are non-economic damages for which there is no fixed amount. For ascertaining the total sum of your lost wages, you will need to calculate your salary, time missed from work and the expected loss of future earnings.

    It is agonizing to have to recall your pain and suffering and list the expenses you have had to incur because of your injuries. Therefore, during negotiations with the insurance company, you need an accomplished attorney who understands the true worth of your claim. At the law offices of Manley Traeger, our lawyers have a team of medical practitioners, witnesses, accountants, and psychologists, who can help you establish how the injury has harmed you and changed your life for the worse. Often enough, injury victims settle for an amount smaller than they deserve because they are ignorant of their rights under the law. Insurance companies do not inform these victims about the appropriate amount which they are entitled to obtain under the law.

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