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What do I do if an insurance company or investigator contacts me?

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    Have you filed a personal injury claim against your employer, an individual, or a business entity? Whether you’ve been injured due to a car accident, slip and fall, or other negligent actions, it’s important to understand that the investigation will be carried out by the representatives of your insurance company.

    For most victims, the mere thought of an investigation itself causes worry. Here are a few trusted steps to follow if an insurance company or an investigator contacts you:

    • Do not be friendly with insurance adjusters: Insurance adjusters may appear to be friendly. However, they are not your friends. This strategy is used by them to gain your trust. It’s crucial to remember that agents represent their company’s interests, and not yours. As insurance companies are given to making money, their representatives make an utmost effort to resolve a claim for the minimum possible amount.
    • Determine all the damage: Before you start negotiating with an insurance company, be aware of the extent of your damage. Also, consider the amount of property damage that you’ve sustained. Make sure that you include the charges for your medical treatment, including hospital bills and the associated travel costs. In fact, you may also be entitled to get compensation for your decreased earning capacity, lost wages, disability, and other economic damage. So, accumulate all the details for a favorable compensation.
    • Communicate effectively: Some insurance companies specify that an insured must report their claim within a specific period of time. These rules usually apply when a victim/insured files an application against their own insurance company. For instance, if you are not communicating with the concerned insurance company promptly, you may send this message that the requirement is not urgent. Ideally, all the claims should be filed and completed before the statute of limitation expires.
    • Hire experts: A trained personal injury lawyer has an in-depth understanding of all the tactics used by insurance companies. In fact, claimants should avoid negotiating a settlement on their own. Not having an expert by your side may lead to denial of your claim or the receiving of an inadequate compensation.

    Once you’ve followed the above-mentioned steps, gather the necessary documentation to support your claim. Make sure that you provide your attorneys with the required bills and medical records.

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