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What if my accident happened at work?

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    In spite of some of the most suitable training methods, safety warnings, and other measures to increase workplace safety, accidents happen all the time. As per the Occupational Safety and Health Act, all employers must provide a safe working place and protect employees from hazards. In case a worker is injured, here are some of the necessary steps to take:

    • Get medical assistance: If you are injured at your workplace, it’s crucial to find a supervisor and seek medical attention. Instant restorative help can prove to be the difference between life and death. Most workplaces have a safety site supervisor and a medical team. After an accident, make sure that you alert them and also seek external medical assistance.
    • Take photos and videos: After an accident at your workplace, you need to take photos and videos of the scene of accident. Pictures and videos work as compelling evidence and ensure that you obtain maximum compensation.
    • Submit a grievance report: Irrespective of the outcome of your case, if you have suffered an injury at a workplace due to defective equipment, slippery floor, or lifting heavy weight manually, you definitely have the right to complain to your employer about it. If you submit a grievance report that is written adequately, your employer cannot use it against you.
    • Contact workers’ compensation lawyer: Though it’s entirely up to your employer to file a workers’ compensation claim, they won’t do it unless they know that you are injured. Again, if your injuries are not visible right away, let your employer know about them as soon as you yourself discover the same. You may also consult veteran personal injury lawyers who are familiar with workers’ compensation laws and have an impressive track record of winning multiple cases.

    Once you decide to claim personal injury compensation after a workplace accident, it’s usually difficult to know where to turn to and how to approach things in the right way. Understanding your legal rights and where your employer stands will help you demand and obtain the most suitable compensation that you are entitled to.

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